For the last 80 years, bald eagles have made their home in this bend of the Roaring Fork River, nesting in the trees, fishing and soaring above the Roaring Fork Valley. Now, their habitat is at risk and it is the time for you to help protect these majestic eagles and the place they call home.


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Our Cause

Bald Eagles.  Majestic.  Iconic.  

Their daily presence -- soaring above, nesting, and fishing in the Roaring Fork Valley -- is at the very top of the list of what makes life here so special.    

Their nearly 80-year presence here is now being threatened.  There is now an effort underway to lift these longstanding protections,  to remove a critical “buffer zone,” and to rezone properties along the Roaring Fork River to allow for development in the midst of this sacred and prime eagle habitat.

We can not let that happen.  Hunters, anglers, river guides, business owners, environmentalists and homeowners – we stand united in opposition to weakening bald eagle protection.     

We ask you to join us as we fight to preserve, not weaken, bald eagle protections.  Let our state and county officials know that protecting bald eagles has a higher value than property owners’ desire, particularly when the creation of the buffer zone was a fundamental condition for allowing Aspen Glen’s development to move forward.  

Add your name if you will join us in calling on Colorado Parks and Wildlife and the Garfield County Board of Commissioners to preserve eagle protections.

Our Cause


Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Upcoming Hearing

There is a “planning commission” hearing July 28th at the Garfield County building. Please help us spread the word and garner signatures for the petition.

Monday, July 19, 2021

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